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About Jamie Lee Palmisano

The author of Fierce Masterpiece, Jamie Lee Palmisano, was born 4 pounds prematurely with a club foot. The Pediatrician who delivered her, named her “Little Tiger” because she had such a will to survive.

“I’ve been a survivor ever since,” says Jamie.

The author Jamie Lee Palmisano acknowledges her husband for loving her unconditionally and showing her what being loved feels like. Her marriage allowed her to experience a healthy relationship and helped her understand the difference between love and abuse, helping others recognize the same. Along the way, she expresses gratitude to her children, saying:

You are my dearest and closest friends, and I am grateful for our relationship. This book is my gift to you, and I pray it is as healing to you as it is for me.”

With this reflective book, author Jamie shows her excitement to go on this journey of healing and renewal with her readers.

“My past pain has become my greatest ministry and gift to you as a roadmap to healing,” Jamie said.