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Sometimes we go through such things in life that not only shatter us but break our resolve. After everything is over, we are left in shambles and hurt. It’s hard to let go of someone we truly love and care about, but holding on can pain us more. The more you grasp the rope of ‘what-ifs,’ your mind will entangle into unnecessary thoughts. You will keep thinking,

What if he/she changed?

What if they start loving me again?

Maybe they will not abuse/ghost me now?

And many more….

You will never be free from all these thoughts until and unless you rebuild yourself. And the first step to do that is to love yourself and gain the confidence you lost somewhere on the way.

Sever All Ties

Break off all contact with the toxic person. You might think imagining your life without this person is impossible, but you can and will. You have to move forward and not give up on love and life. It is what it means to let go.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

What others say or indicate frequently keeps your mind second-guessing things or situations. The unconscious mind turns it into truth even if the person is lying. You doubt yourself, thinking you’re not worthy of love or happiness. But that’s not true. You are worthy of everything good in life. Just believe in yourself. Keep reminding yourself that you are lovable and deserve happiness.

Better Resilience

Even confident individuals are not immune to making mistakes or experiencing failures. Such occurrences are inevitable in life; regardless of your confidence, you cannot avoid them entirely. However, self-confidence empowers you to accept accountability and recognize that ongoing learning is crucial to personal growth.

Love Yourself

Start incorporating some of the much-needed me-time you need. Make time for things you want to do. Taking care of yourself is important to self-love, not selfish behavior. You can use this chance to exercise, read or travel worldwide. Maybe you need to pamper yourself with a spa session or treat yourself to a luxurious meal. It will make you build confidence and feel good about yourself.


Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

You are not alone. You have your family and friends. Try to share with them and let them know you value them as much as they do you. Go out, have fun, and laugh to uplift your mood and relieve your worries.

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